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Recent event surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak have nudged people to be more creative in pursuing their passion while exercising social distancing. eLearning is a privileged moment that can boost improvement across the field of knowledge and innovation also seems like the best solution for faster and easier of the learning experience during this. The pandemic may continue to make headlines but it is important to not lose sight of other priorities in life which include knowledge improvements.

In today’s age, a classroom is no longer confined within four walls—it can be anywhere you want it to be. More and more people are utilising tools such as Zoom, Slack, and Skype to perform their daily tasks remotely.

Essentially, elements such as resourceful teachers, enthusiastic students, and comprehensive teaching materials are what constitutes an effective learning environment, not the venue per se.

Why eLearning?

According to a slew of studies, there are a few reasons why students find eLearning platforms to be more attractive:

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1. Flexibility

Online courses allow students to learn whenever and wherever they want. This is especially great for those who are already juggling work-life balance. The cloud-based system allows students to access training resources 24/7 from any type of electronic device. Self-improvement is literally one click away with eLearning.

2. Effectiveness

In a traditional classroom setting, students would have to learn in a group. This leaves very little room for maximum student participation. Meanwhile, eLearning platforms offer access to interactive, reality-based scenarios, games and assessments that allow students to digest information more effectively.

3. Affordability

Sometimes, the dream to pursue education remains a dream due to factors such as financial constraints. eLearning platforms are a more affordable option that students should consider. Most resources are also free so students would not need to fork out extra money on course materials.

4. Convenience

Students can pick up new skills from the comfort of their own homes if they choose to. They can also be more selective when selecting a course, thanks to the freedom of time that eLearning provides. This allows them to focus solely on topics that are relevant to them, which subsequently guarantees an enjoyable academic experience without the added pressure of elective courses.

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ModernLMS: The Revolutionary eLearning Platform

We essentially provide custom LMS that is tailored specifically to your company’s workflow and needs.

We offer personalised LMS experience like no other. Our service is fully white-labelled where ownership is 100% guaranteed yours, whether on-premise or on-cloud. You are also guaranteed continuous support and freedom of customisation at highly attractive rates.

With over 12 years of development guided by social constructionist pedagogy, our platform offers collaborative learning environments that empower both teaching and learning. We have also designed our interface to be user-friendly with drag-and-drop features and structured resources, along with ongoing improvements to ensure students can learn easily and effectively.

Why ModernLMS is the Perfect Fit eLearning Platform for Your Organisation?


1. Reduced training costs: eLearning

The cloud-based approach is a good fit for businesses that require cost-effective and flexible training methods. On top of that, ModernLMS eliminates the need for on-site instructors and other accompanying costs such as travel and accommodation.

2. Quick and convenient training updates

Updates regarding company policies or any important announcements can be made promptly and efficiently through such online platforms. This also eliminates the need to rewrite or reprint manuals or similar guides.

3. Improve work productivity and performance

The platform offers interactive online training in the form of video, images, and audio which enables employees to stay motivated and engaged. This helps to create a successful immersive and effective learning environment.

4. Reduced turnover rate

Today’s employees seek more than just monetary incentives—they seek rewarding opportunities with room for growth. By using ModernLMS to boost your employees’ skills, you will help them achieve multiple objectives such as increasing motivation and instilling greater self-confidence within themselves.

Who is Using ModernLMS?

ModernLMS offers services to large corporations, public institutions, training providers and even to the innumerable small, fast-growing tuition centres. We are ideally placed to meet the requirements of a wide range of public institutions and small and large companies. Not only do we listen to what our clients want but we also hear what they actually need. Our team feels committed to providing great value and has a genuine desire to become part of our clients’ success. To learn more about our client’s portfolio, visit our website.

If you would like to know more about this ModernLMS or would like to request an on-site demo, please contact us.

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