ModernLMS: New Feature – CPD Points

Introducing our new feature on the ModernLMS: CPD Points

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the process of developing professional skills and knowledge through participation-based or independent learning. It enables learners to proactively develop their professional capabilities through an E-learning system or self-guided learning methods. In ModernLMS, we understand how beneficial the CPD points are towards the learning management system.

Let’s find out how does CPD points works in this ModernLMS platform:-

Award points for learning hours

CPD points will be given on every learning hour that you accomplished. 

Let’s say if you finished the 3-hour lecture course, you will be awarded with points into your profile and you can see how many points that needed in order to complete the course.

Display Point history by Year

Another important part that we added in this new feature is to allow you to self-tracking. You can check your individual points without asking permission from the administration. In this way, it will help you to achieve your goals within the timeline given for you to complete the CPD points. 

Bulk Excel Export

We know how important it is when it comes to exporting,  so we provide bulk excel export directly to the internal system because seamless transfer matters after all.

Manual Points award

Lastly, this amazing feature will authorize the company to add on manual points award to the students. For instance, if the company wants to do their individual classes, the company can self-reset and decide how many points to give the students.

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