Recap of EduTech Asia Singapore 2023

Recap for the second week of November, ModernLMS took part in EduTech Asia which was hosted in Singapore from November 8th to 9th. EduTech stands as the preeminent conference and exhibition in the realm of education technology, serving as a global gathering point for leaders, educators, and technology enthusiasts.

ModernLMS Team has the opportunity to participate in this year’s EduTech event as one of the start-ups and is given the chance to set up a booth. Standing on the largest EduTech stage in Asia and being able to showcase our products is a proud achievement and an opportunity for ModernLMS to make strides in the Learning Management System sector.

Over the course of the two-day exhibition, it also featured a conference slot where numerous speakers, including entrepreneurs from across the nation, convened to share ideas and knowledge related to the ever-dominating EduTech sector in education. Visitors and speakers also had the opportunity to exchange views and opinions during the Q&A sessions.

The atmosphere during the Edutech Asia summit was vibrant, with both visitors and exhibitors actively participating in the events. Companies conducted informative sessions about their products, experiential learning initiatives, and actively engaged with a global audience.

The sharing session extends beyond the formal conference; visitors also engage in casual discussions while enjoying meals.

EduTech Asia 2023 went beyond showcasing the latest technologies; it embodied a collaborative spirit driving advancements in educational technology. The event not only affirmed ModernLMS’s leadership in the LMS space but also emphasized its dedication to continuous improvement through meaningful discussions, establishing new connections, and incorporating user feedback. As EduTech Asia 2023 concluded, ModernLMS stood poised, ready to apply the lessons and innovations acquired to shape the future landscape of online learning.

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