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Training Overview

Moodle LMS is an increasingly popular learning management system used worldwide. The Moodle Learning Management System is a flexible and open source for downloading learning management solutions. With an estimated 68 million users and 55,000 Moodle LMSs used worldwide, Moodle is a user-friendly eLearning platform that provides learning needs for schools and universities.

Why is the Moodle Learning System a top choice? The Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) provides learning at all levels of digital learning that is highly effective, flexible and accessible through Desktop and Mobile.

What LMS can help you?

Course management and users

LMS can be used to create professional structured course content. Lecturers or teachers can also add teaching modules in addition to adding images, tables, text formatting links, interactive tests, slideshows and so on. With LMS, various users such as teachers, students, parents and external visitors can access it. It helps control which content is accessible to students, keeps track of progress, and engages students with contact tools. With the advent of new resources controlled by the technical guidelines outlined by SCORM (Content Power Object Reference Model), the integration of new features across multiple LMSs has become more efficient.

Online assessment and tracking student attendance

LMS can help teachers to make appropriate tests for their students, accessible online. Some LMSs also enable attendance management and integration with classroom training where administrators can view the attendance and record of whether students attend or are late to class.

User feedback

Exchange of student feedback between teachers and peers may be through LMS. Teachers can create discussion groups to provide feedback from students and indirectly enhance interaction. Student feedback is a medium that helps teachers improve their work performance, identify deficiencies that need to be added or removed from their courses.

All features available and extendable

70,000 Institutes and Corporations trusted Learning Management System

4 Type of Courses

Weekly formats, Topics format, Single Activity format and social format for different needs.

15+ Question types for exams

Multiple Choice, True or False, Essay, Matching, Drag and Drop, Gap Fill, Drop onto Image and more.

10+ Resource Types

Distribute eBooks, PDF or any files, Pages, Multimedias, SCORM and more.

15+ Activity Types

Conduct various activities within your course including Survey, Quiz/Exam, Assignment, Wiki, Glossary, Feedback and many more…

Badges and Certificates

Issue track-able badges for criteria completion or certificates.

Conditional Access

Create a set of conditions or pre requisites before a content is accessible.

Access Levels

Multiple access levels and custom user groups like Parents, Mentors etc.

Single Sign On

Multiple built-in single sign-on support or use an external database for single sign-on.

Sell Courses

Built in eCommerce feature to collect payments before a user is enrolled.

Mobile Apps for students and Teachers

Download Moodle Mobile app from AppStore or PlayStore for on the go learning.

Million Users
Plugins Available
Years Development

Why Our LMS Training?

Moodle Training Provider since 2008

Spoken in Moodle Conferences

Published our own Moodle Plugins

Deployed Moodle for Top Malaysian Universities and Corporate Companies

High customisation and top notch support

Consistent Support & Expert Knowledge

Who Shoud Attend LMS Training?




Business owners of all levels from small to medium enterprises

Government and local agencies

Educational Institutions (schools, universities, colleges)

Online-based educational institutions and eLearning

Benefits of LMS

What You Will Get?

Hands-on Learning, Taught by Expert

High-quality classrooms that utilize hands-on learning training, intentional spaces, provided with computer and WiFi.

Personalised Mentorship

Get a knowledgeable mentor who guides your learning and is focused on answering your questions, motivating you and keeping you on track.

Continue to Learn with Online Learning

1 Year Access to LMS with step by step videos & guidebook exclusively produced by ModernLMS.

After Training Support

Get 3 months free email support after your training. Email to our trainer anytime.

Certificate of Completion Provided

Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion on the last day of training.

Follow Up Training

Every participant entitles for 1 free follow up training. Follow up training will be scheduled in the future. This will help you to catch up your learning.

In-House Training​

Conduct this training at your office anytime, anywhere. No limit on number of participants. Just pay per day!

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