ModernLMS Secures an Additional RM 580,000 Grant from Microsoft for Cloud Services

ModernLMS has recently announced the receipt of an additional RM 580,000 (US$125,000) grant from tech giant Microsoft. This grant, earmarked specifically for cloud services using Azure Cloud, marks a continuation of Microsoft’s support for ModernLMS, building on a previous grant of US$25,000 (RM 116,000) awarded last year.

ModernLMS, a leader in the e-learning space in Malaysia, is set to utilize this substantial grant to enhance its Research and Development efforts, with a particular focus on leveraging Open AI technology. This investment signals a growing recognition of the potential of AI in revolutionizing the educational landscape.

ModernLMS CEO Sam Suresh said the grant from Microsoft will primarily fuel the R&D initiatives at ModernLMS. The focus on Open AI technology is especially noteworthy, as it opens up new frontiers in personalized learning, intelligent course design, and the overall enhancement of the learning experience. The integration of Azure Cloud services is expected to provide the necessary infrastructure and computing power to support these advanced AI applications.

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