GoKelas (Beta) evolves to ModernLMS Learning

We are pleased to announce that we are evolving our brand and the benefits that come with it. We are proud to share that GoKelas (Beta) will be changing its name to ModernLMS Learning on the 31st of October 2022. This name change better reflects what the project represents moving forward.

If you haven’t heard of ModernLMS Learning, it is an online learning platform where users can choose to learn new courses. The eLearning platform has been in the market since 2020 and is now on the cusp of 10,000 users filled with unique localized courses.

Changes to Note

The first noticeable change is the URL change. It will be redirected from gokelas.com to modernlms.com/learning. A slew of new courses will be added to the eLearning platform as well.

If you’ve previously used GoKelas, don’t worry; old users can still access their accounts and previous courses. So, not only will you have a whole new set of eLearning courses to choose from, but you will also be able to keep the ones you already have.

Finally, with the implementation of this change, an app will be released that can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store soon.

We cordially invite our customers to come and see our new home.

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